Safe Ship Moving Services: Essential Supplies For Efficient Packing

For hassle-free packing, it is pertinent that you have the following items to help you organize your belongings before moving to your new home. Below, Safe Ship Moving Services lists the must-have packing essentials:

• Boxes: These are the biggest priority when packing. Always have a number of different sizes of boxes for the items in your home. It can make organizing easier.

• A strong adhesive: This is needed to keep the boxes sealed.

• Bubble wrap: It is the best material to use to pack and protect easy-to-break objects. Bubble wrap ensures your fragile belongings are put away safely.

• Used blankets, towels, shirts, and newspapers: These can act as additional padding for fragile items if you run out of bubble wrap.

• Box cutters, a utility knife, and scissors: These should be able to help you make a clean cut to tape and other materials. These cutters can help reduce any hassle when assembling things.

• Permanent markers: Use this writing material to label boxes. It will help you sort packages by room when unpacking. Using different colors of markers for each box may make things more organized.

To use these items handily, Safe Ship Moving Services recommends having a tool belt.

Packing the Living Room:

From your TV to mirrors and family photos, Safe Ship Moving Services says that the family room has a lot of the things you’ll most definitely want in your future home.

• Special boxes are highly recommended. Here, you can keep any irreplaceable photos or videos, especially during your move. Always remember that hot or humid climates can affect photo paper, cautions Safe Ship Moving Services.

• Original boxes can also be reused to repack any electronics, such as home theater systems and A/C units.

• Light bulbs and shades should be removed from lamps, as well as chandeliers, before you wrap each separately.

• Masking or duct tape should be used when packing mirrors or large framed pictures. Put an ‘X’ made of masking tape over the mirror or frames with glass to minimize spilled glass if it breaks.

• Bubble wrap used blankets, towels, shirts, and newspapers should once again be used to wrap mirrors and paintings.

Kitchen and Dining Room Instructions:

In the kitchen, just like anywhere else in the house, you need to take care of your appliances by packing them properly and resisting the urge to put as much as you can in a box to hurry up the process. It could very well save you a huge amount of stress.

• Original boxes can be reused to pack appliances.

• Kitchen appliances such as blenders, microwave ovens, toasters, and coffeemakers should be emptied and cleaned well before they’re packed. Wrap their cords in a plastic bag before putting them inside the appliance.

• Fragile and breakable items should be placed in boxes labeled “FRAGILE” or “BREAKABLE,” says Safe Ship Moving Services. Use bubble wrap, towels, old clothes, or newspaper to stack smaller dishes to keep them from breaking during the move. Use kitchen towels, newspaper, cardboard pieces, or linens to line boxes. These can also serve as bumpers for your plates and china. Roll rugs and secure them using plastic ties or rope.

• Food items and leftovers should be left or donated since you won’t be able to take them with you.

• Open packages should be thrown away properly to avoid messes and spills.

Safe Ship Moving Services is a fully licensed and bonded interstate household goods moving broker. The company’s mission is to give exceptional moving services, which are fueled by professionalism and integrity, as well as outstanding customer care. Learn more about its services by clicking here.

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